About Us

Road to Success



To be Thailand’s leading mall & hotel developer, operator and asset manager. Treat all stakeholders professionally and deliver quality products and services to the highest standards. Maximize total consistent returns to shareholders and investors.


To constantly innovate in order to achieve sustainable growth and create long-term value through acquisition, development and management of our retail and hotel platforms.


Create long-term value and sustainable total returns through professional creation and management of good quality products, and mitigate risks through diversification.

For Customers

Create delightful experiences in all interactions with our customers.

For Business Partners/Tenants

Create long-term relationship and profitable opportunities.

For Employees

Care for genuine well-being & provide job opportunities to employees so they will reach full potential and achieve personal and professional growth.

For Community

Promote social responsibility and environmental sustainability.


The Whole World Is Here

This mixed-use complex features one floor one theme shopping mall. Its interiors are modeled after well-known shopping streets and landmarks of major cities of the world. “Terminal 21” is themed universal, with convenient access and flexible flow of design, and a nouveau variety of merchandise and food experiences. Terminal 21 aims to bring new perspectives of world and memorable lifestyles to our shoppers and visitors from all over the world.

Grande Your Stay

One of Thailand’s premier hotel brand offers guests a true taste of Thailand through grande hospitality and practical functionality. Its unique designs reflect the different aspects of the kingdom’s rich culture and heritage. Our “Grande Your Stay” denotes grandeur as well of commitment in terms of space luxury, functional simplicity, and dedicated services. We strive to create a lasting memory for guests who choose to stay with us.



Our group's key strengths lie with the investment and development team whose proven track records are evidenced through existing prime location quality assets.


Our local brands are prominent in their respective sectors, professionally represented by proud dedicated teams. We aim to use technology to facilitate our clients and to improve operating efficiency.


The funds under our management are comprised of quality income earning assets. We will embrace the international service standards with respect to human and community development and energy conservation.