“Grande Centre Point Space Pattaya” is Thailand’s First Space-Themed Hotel, New Landmark in Pattaya, Impressive Photo Check-In Spot for Aspiring Space Travelers

Grande Centre Point Space Pattaya, a luxury hotel under LH Mall & Hotel, would like to welcome you to an extraordinary stay. Positioning itself as Thailand’s first space-themed hotel, this place is well-equipped with modern technologies. Its guests will feel like they are travelling into space as soon as they step in. Whether you are a foodie, a keen traveler, a family man, a party girl, or a sportive type, you will find what you love at this hotel!

Mr. Kitti Worrabanpott, managing director of LH Mall & Hotel Company Limited, reveals that his firm has intended to develop this hotel as a new landmark for Pattaya out of confidence in the area’s potential. Endowed with unique natural attractions, Pattaya is world-famous. This tourist town features various kinds of recreational activities and the complete range of hospitality services to fulfill every need of tourists from various social / economic statuses.

Grande Centre Point Space Pattaya is Grande Centre Point’s new flagship. As a new landmark, it is a must-visit place for all groups of tourists. Sitting in the heart of vibrant North Pattaya, this hotel has not just well-appointed rooms but also modern facilities for visitors. In its compound are several eateries namely Orbit, Oort Cloud Tearoom, and Sola Luna Rooftop. Also, it hosts Space Convention Centre that can accommodate more than 1,000 people. Featuring latest technologies including 12.48 x 5.40-meter screen, this convention centre is well ready to host parties, recreational events, seminars, and conferences. Grande Centre Point Space Pattaya, moreover, is truly the best in Pattaya for hosting Thailand’s largest space water park and first sea-view onsen.

Mr. Paween Kobboon of Palmer and Turner (Thailand) Company Limited, which is in charge of the hotel’s architectural design, says the signature of this hotel is rooted in space-travel concept. Inspired by this theme, all parts of the hotel are reminiscent of space. From the bird’s eye view and also from the front, the hotel really looks like a space shuttle. Such design is visible even from a distance.

The hotel’s front exterior is covered with materials that can move in response to blowing wind and decorated with curved lines. These features symbolise modernity and a firm focus on the future. So, guests will feel like stepping into the new realm or the spacecraft once they are inside. Interestingly, all rooms offer a view of sky, the sea, and stars. Guests therefore are bound to enjoy the landscape and feel completely relaxed here.

Mr. Boonchai Sakulthamrak of Green Architects Company Limited, which designed the hotel’s landscape architecture and water park, elaborates that Thailand’s first space-themed hotel has more than 80,000 square metres of utility space. As the landscape is also designed based on space theme, exciting lighting is displayed during the night to replicate the mesmerizing colors of space and to attract visitors.

Mr. Thanawat Sukhaggananda of Interior Vision Company Limited, which decorated the hotel’s rooms and common areas, says decor places a strong emphasis on premium-hotel standards, stylish flair, and the integration of fresh designs and modern technologies. Exuding luxury, hotel rooms offer comfort and convenience while celebrating space-travel theme. As guests lie down on their bed, th glittering constellations will greet them from the decorative ceiling. Blue light from fiber-optic circuit is also visible and goes well with aurora-like lamplight from bedside table, paving way for guests to enjoy a truly relaxing night.

The hotel has 490 Space Rooms & Suites, all of them designed like accommodation on spacecrafts. Their space size ranges from 45 to 133 square meters each. Every of these wellequipped units has a private balcony and a sea view too.

Space Water Park at this hotel is vast. Spanning over 12,000 square meters, it has four zones. Mountain zone features Cave Pool and Jungle Jacuzzi. Flying Rock zone offers fun adventures to both adults and kids with giant sliders – one measuring five metres in height and the other being eight metres tall. Space Pirate Beach zone, meanwhile, presents artificial beach and waves plus space pirate. The other zone, Planet, is designed for family time where guests can do various activities together. In this zone are kids’ pool and mini golf course.

Another big highlight of the hotel is Astro Club. Kids can enter the club to explore various creative and learning activities, and have fun with space-related games. Sky Pool of the hotel is the highest pool in Pattaya, thus being a perfect spot to enjoy the beautiful view of Pattaya Bay during sunset. Gravity Fit Club, meanwhile, is fully-equipped with exercise equipment, tech-enabled machines, and health innovations. Let’s Relax Onsen & Spa, which occupies more than 3,000 square meters, is the first 360° sea-view onsen in Thailand. Better still, it has popular spa-treatment / Thai massage programs for interested customers.