Terminal21 unveils the new lifestyle metropolis on the bank of the Chao Phraya River “Terminal21 Rama 3” with six highlights inspired by world’s famous tourist destinations expecting to welcome over 3.5 million customers by the end of 2022

Bangkok (20 October 2022) Terminal21, a shopping mall operated by LH Mall & Hotel Co Ltd (LHMH), a subsidiary of Land and Houses Plc (LH), unveils a new definition of a lifestyle metropolis with the opening of Terminal21 Rama 3. Located on the bank of the Chao Phraya River on the area of 140,000 sqm under the investment budget of 6.0 billion baht, Terminal21 Rama 3 is inspired by six world’s renowned tourist destinations including Caribbean Village, English Village, Italian Village, French Village, Japanese Village, and San Francisco Village. With a target of 3.5 million customers by the end of this year or around 50,000 people per day aiming particularly at office workers, families and tourists, the shopping mall also splashes a budget of 50 million baht for entertainment activities to fulfill the happiness and vibrant experiences that respond to every lifestyle.

Mr. Prasert Sriuranpong, Managing Director of Terminal21, Fashion Island, and The Promenade under LH Mall & Hotel Co., Ltd. (LHMH), a subsidiary of Land and Houses Plc (LH), said “In the past years, Terminal21 has implemented marketing strategies through activities and campaigns to boost more spending and services among customers. We are determined to offer new and ultimate experiences that respond to all lifestyles – shopping, dine&wine, traveling and entertainment – all in one place. We also aim to create new Customer Experiences in order to expand our customer base to the young generation and to target specific customers at specific locations through marketing and communication activities where the online and offline worlds are connected. We have received positive feedback from customers, especially in terms of the overall image of the shopping mall.”

Recently, the company made an investment of 6.0 billion baht to create a new lifestyle metropolis with the opening of Terminal21 Rama 3. Strategically located on the new Central Business District (CBD) covering the area of 16 rais or 140,000 sqm on the bank of the Chao Phraya River, Terminal21 Rama 3 serves as a lifestyle metropolis where all magic moments happen. With the Neoclassical interior design and architecture, the shopping mall is inspired by unique highlights from six world’s famous tourist destinations including Caribbean Village, English Village, Italian Village, French Village, Japanese Village, and San Francisco Village. Awaiting customers are chilling and relaxing atmosphere as well as colourful and happy experiences responding to all lifestyles. The seven-storey shopping mall comprises the area of 40,000 sqm for tenants and two-storey parking spaces catering to a maximum of 2,000 vehicles. Anchor tenants include Tops Supermarket (1,700 sqm), SF Cinema (8 cinemas on the area of over 5,000 sqm), The Fitness Platinum (2,000 sqm), Meta H hi-tech boxing gym, Harborland children’s indoor playground (800 sqm), food market (1,500 sqm) featuring over 200 leading street food vendors such as Jok’s Kitchen (aka Jok Toh Diew), Chai Grilled Squid, Yoo Fishball, Sarinthip Thai crispy crêpe, and many more. The shopping mall’s Pier21 food center covering the area of over 2,300 sqm is also packed with over 33 famous restaurants including Sri Yan Beef Ball, Worachak Kua Gai, Plaeng Nam Boiled Rice, and Jae Hong with prices starting from 25 baht. Furthermore, there are more than 250 units of fashion, beauty, IT, and lifestyle stores including Uniqlo, EVEANDBOY, and Muji to provide a number of alternatives for customers.

Mr. Prasert added that “We have prepared a marketing budget of 50 million baht to organize more than 10 colorful marketing campaigns from October until December in celebration of the shopping mall’s opening and of the upcoming New Year. The campaigns will be implemented alongside commercial and public relation media such as billboards, LED screens, television as well as all online and social media channels to create public recognition among customers. We would like to invite customers to enjoy the ultimate experience at the lifestyle metropolis and indulge themselves in campaigns such as the Grand Opening to mark the opening of the shopping mall from 20 October to 30 November. Special discounts, promotions, and credit card deals as well as New Year celebration campaigns will also be available from December onwards.”

“We are confident that Terminal21 Rama 3 will be able to create a new phenomenon of perfect lifestyle shopping in the neighborhood given the strategic location surrounded by positive factors essential for the management of a growing shopping mall including the population of over one million, a bridging area between Bangkok, Rama 3 and Thonburi’s business and residential districts with more than 43 offices with 60,000 workers; 5,000 houses and condominium units home to one million residents; and 44 hotels with a total of more than 5,300 rooms catering to 4,800 businesspersons and tourists per day. Moreover, there is also a plan to expand the BTS Grey Line from Phra Khanong – Rama 3 – Tha Phra and Thong Lor – Vacharaphol. The shopping mall expects to have up to 3.5 million customers or around 50,000 people per day including office workers, tourists and families.” Mr. Prasert included.